Great U.S. Beef Jerky


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3oz bag size
Great U.S. Beef Jerky is:
  • Natural
  • Gluten free
  • Handcrafted using solid steak strips
  • Has No Added MSG
  • Made without the use of nitrates or nitrites
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. from beef produced in the U.S.A. 
  • Full of gourmet flavor
  • Made using beef brisket 

What do you get when you cross a Happy Camper with our Original beef jerky?  You get an empty bag of course! And if you want to keep that camper happy, we’d suggest stocking the camp kitchen with a few more bags of Great US Beef Jerky, because running out of supplies while on the trail is so last century.

Upon opening your fresh bag, the first thing you’ll notice is the rich aroma of savory tamari with a hint of sweet brown sugar and it is OH SO satisfying.  But don’t stop there, dig in friends! This bag of gourmet brisket beef jerky is exactly the treat yo-self kind of snack you need when you’re roughing it while camping out on the trail.  And yes we know, you left your cell phone behind because you wanted to reconnect with nature, but now you’ve kind of lost track of time and aren’t really sure if your wilderness skills will get you back to basecamp some time this month?

Right now you’ve got to snap out of it and remind yourself that you are smart and you planned ahead because you packed a few extra bags of Original beef jerky.  Beef jerky is a very smart choice because it’s so light and convenient to pack plus it’s full of protein.  Protein satisfies your hunger and gives you a good kind of sustained energy which means no hanger and no hanger means good level headed decisions. 

The Original has a nice bite like jerky should have thanks to the brisket, it's not too tough and not too soft.   It's a popular mild flavor where the taste of the beef is balanced out with just the right mix of seasonings and a nice touch of hickory smoke.  This is the one your picky kids will like.

As a “roughing it” type of camper you may be drinking filtered water from a stream, using a rock as a pillow and watching the movement of the sun to determine if you are headed in the right direction, and with an extra bag or two of Original beef jerky on hand you’re sure to at least stay calm and make the right decisions about how to get yourself out alive.  Now that’s a Happy Camper!