Great U.S. Beef Jerky

Whiskey n' Campfires

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3oz bag size
Great U.S. Beef Jerky is:
  • Natural
  • Handcrafted using solid steak strips
  • Has No Added MSG
  • Whiskey n' Campfires is low in sodium
  • Made without the use of nitrates or nitrites
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. from beef produced in the U.S.A. 
  • Full of gourmet flavor
  • Made using beef brisket 


Words can't describe how GOOD this jerky is.   But YOU NEED to know, so here it goes with the tasting notes.  

Much like your favorite whiskey drink, the first thing you'll want to do after you open the bag is breathe in the pleasing bouquet of smells that first inspired the name.  The aroma is a rich, pleasurable experience for the senses.  On top of the beefy goodness you'll pick up some hints of a smoky wood barrel and an ever so slightly sweet whiskey note.  *breathe in*  aaaand smile.

Inhaling such aromas will have you imagining yourself sipping your favorite whiskey beverage as you unwind next to a good campfire while engaging in lively conversation with your camping buddies, where the stories keep getting better from here.

Now coming back to the tasting.  You came for the whiskey but stayed for the gourmet flavor fun.  The whiskey flavor itself is a well balanced top note with the other ingredients.  There's no alcohol burn nor is the whiskey overpowering, it's combined notes of vanilla, oak and caramel are simply a smooth, slightly sweet bite that allows you to enjoy exactly what it is that you liked about whiskey in the first place.

And just like any good mixed drink, whiskey isn’t the only flavor you’ll enjoy here.  There’s a richness from the fusion of other flavors.  Savory sensations, compliments of garlic, soy sauce and tamarind makes sure it's not very sweet.  But wait, there’s more!  Turns out the story by the campfire has a spicy little twist.  After a few bites you’ll notice a bit of heat building, thanks to some cayenne and chili pepper.  It’s not strong, just something to liven up your tastebuds.   THIS is a flavor that is quickly becoming a popular new favorite and even those who don’t drink alcohol like it. 

p.s.   It’s also sneaky healthy, check out the nutritionals!

*** more pictures coming soon ***